Unfiltered: how do I dress when I have an athletic type body?

Today’s Unfiltered question comes from the gorgeous actor and wonderful human being Ayisha Issa – who you need to catch as Dr. June Curtis in CTV’s new hospital drama Transplant!

Dressing for your body type. Ahhh… this gets me so hard every single time. And really, this is why we as women are so self conscious about how we put ourselves in to the world. Worrying about what supposed “body shape” we have and what clothes are supposed to look best on us is wasting so much of our mind power and time that should be spent smashing the patriarchy.

Mega babe Ayisha Issa wearing a We Are All Babes sweater from Vancouver’s Brunette the Label

Do you want to know my secret of knowing if something looks good on someone when they first walk put of the change room? If they have a big smile on their face and they twirl in front of the mirror. That’s is when I know it’s perfect on them because it makes them feel good! So, if you have an athletic body type with some killer arms and strong wide shoulders, or a petite frame, or you’re tall with an ass, do me a favour and just look at yourself in the mirror and appreciate yourself for the incredible woman you are and all the things you are capable of.

The next time you are in a change room and you are trying on clothes, only buy the ones that make you smile and twirl. Those are the clothes that look good on you. Feeling good is the only thing that makes you look good. And never ever put yourself down when you’re trying on clothes “Oh My stomach sticks out too much” “My arms are too big to go sleeveless ” I wish i had smaller boobs.” We all think these things and we gotta stop; if not for ourselves but for our children and nieces and nephews who see us picking apart our bodies. If it doesn’t fit right or is off slightly, it’s the cut of the garment, not you.

So rather than give style tips on how to dress for an athletic body time, I will leave you with these fearless women for inspiration:

The woman with the killer arms and the friendliest smile, Cityline host Tracy Moore
Four-time Olympic medal winner Penny Oleksiak
Cool mama Sasha Exeter
Fun-loving hockey hero Natalie Spooner
Actress Ayisha Issa from CTV’s latest hospital drama Transplant
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