Tarots, Palms Readings and Libations at Libertine

A few weeks ago a friend told me to meet her at a new bar on Dundas West. “Just look for the neon palm reader sign” her text read. “Palm reader?” Where on earth was she asking me to meet her? And why doesn’t this place have a name? But most importantly, will there be actual palm reading?


Photo courtesy of Toronto Life

As ever, I’m always up for an adventure, so off I went. Pulling up to the 1307 Dundas Street West address, I found the neon sign beside what seems to be one of those old school Portuguese men’s club, you know the ones that always have the old guys in their 60’s outside chain smoking and saying things you know are probably dirty, but you pretend they’re saying something sweet like you remind them of their pretty granddaughter. (Not likely, but sometimes it’s best to do that.)

Walking down the dark staircase, I was really suprised to find a super nice resto bar. Phew, I wasn’t going to be involved in a séance, instead I relaxed with a nice glass of wine, read some palms (a random hobby of mine), and discovered it has a name – Libertine.

Then last week, the official opening took place through the trusty guidance of Candice & Allison. I wasn’t able to make the full menu tasting due to teaching at Passion For Fashion, but was able to get there in time for their delicious chocolate moose dessert and try a couple of their special cocktails. The Maple Manhattan is delicious.

One of my favourite moments was when Plutino’s April Wozny got the crowd to all sing happy birthday to the amazing Andrea Bolley as a surprise. (I love those moments.)

FASHION Magazine was there and snapped some great photos of the guests. Take a look at the great people who were there here.

Oh, and if you do go and I’m not there, there usually is a palm or tarot card reader to tell you all your future secrets – if you dare…

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