Get To Know… Dianna DiNoble of Starkers Corsetry

Ainsley Kerr and me in our Starkers corsets

I first met Dianna DiNoble of Starkers Corsetry in early 2009 when I was working on PR for designers for Toronto’s Alternative Arts & Fashion Week [FAT], she then signed on with my first business venture The Style Box in the summer of 2009, and has been a loyal client with Magnet Creative since I launched.

I’m still astounded by the meticulous quality of the gorgeous corsets she makes. I’m now the proud owner of 6 beautiful Starkers corsets; one of which is a birthday gift that Dianna made especially for me using some MacInnes tartan that she scoured the city for!  I am so in love with it!

Dianna is not only a talented designer, successful entrepreneur, a wonderful mother, but also a great friend. She recently re-launched her new website this week, visit to take a look.

I asked Dianna to share a few of her thoughts and favourite things.

Describe yourself in three words:

Perfectionist control freak.

Dianna DiNoble

What time do you usually wake up in the morning?

5am (not by choice).

Fave place to grab a drink?

Cadillac Lounge.

Best place to go a date?

Brewery Bay in Orillia – mostly because the in-laws babysit when we are visiting Orillia and it’s a fun, relaxed pub with awesome pub food.

Who are your favourite international designers?

Chanel, circa 1950’s . Alexander McQueen was the only other current designer I was excited about, most lines he created for men and women took my breath away.

Who are your favourite Canadian designers?

Annie Thompson!

What book are you reading right now?

Books? Oh my. I don’t think I have read a book for myself since before I had kids – “The Red Tent” was the last book I read – in 2004. Other than that, it’s been Dr. Seuss, Clifford and Little Miss Bossy in French.

What are you favourite TV shows?

Dexter, True Blood, Six Feet Under… the usual HBO suspects and of course, Glee

What are you working on right now? In the future? Any teasers?

Working on a new theme for [FAT] 2011 and the new website!

Best advice anyone ever gave you?

People’s suggestions and opinions sometimes say more about the person giving it, than about you. Always follow your gut feeling, you will never regret doing so.

What one piece of advice would you give your children?

No general advice, just letting them know every day that they are beautiful, awesome, smart, funny, and strong. Build their self esteem and they will be able to navigate anything.

What would you say to a 16 year old you?

Your dream of being a designer in Toronto will happen. Stick to your dreams and don’t let anyone get you down.

Favourite store in the city?

Lululemon – fade proof, stretchy, easy to wash/wear clothing.

Best event you attended ever?

Gifting suite in Beverly Hills.

Who is your idol? mentor? person you admire the most in the world?  What did they teach you?

The person who inspired me to be a clothing designer in the first place was Martine Matthews of a line from the 80’s / 90’s called Xyphotek – gorgeous historically based designs, incredibly well made. The person I admire most in the world is my daughter. She is 5, but has more self esteem than any adult woman I know. She knows that she is awesome, kind and smart. She teaches me to not take myself so seriously, let loose and be a goofball once in a while.

Edna Mode

If you were a super hero, what would your name be and what would your super powers be?

I don’t know if being a superhero would be as cool as designing their costumes. Ever see the movie The Incredibles? Someone like Edna Mode is who I would love to be – I would create costumes that could fly, expand to over 100 times it’s size in a flash, resist flames, shoot laser beams, and disguise identity with just the tiniest eye patch. (See image to right.)

Pop Culture Crushes

I loved Joan Jett, and was completely obsessed with Bowie and everybody but Roger from Duran Duran.

On The First Album She Ever Bought

I was about 8 when I bought Michael Jackson’s Thriller album. I saved up my allowances for weeks!

On Who’d Star As Her in Her Autobiographical Movie

Probably Winona Ryder, I think she could do it if she had purple hair, she does obsessive/focused/jumpy well. John Travolta about 15 years ago would play Mike [her husband] – they’re identical!

On What’s Missing From Canadian Fashion

More creativity!!! Most Canadian designers come out with lines that are too tame and shy. “Wearable” is nice, but throw in something that grabs people’s attention. Taupe slacks do not.

About Gail McInnes (320 Articles)
Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, Gail McInnes has made an indelible mark on the Canadian fashion and entertainment scenes; managing and guiding the careers of some of the country's most notable talents, including Lucian Matis, Hilary MacMillan, Stephen Amell (CW's Arrow), Natalie Brown (The Strain), Brad Goreski (E! Fashion Police), and more. Visit for more information or email

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