Photoshop in a Tube?

For those of you who were around pre-digital camera days, you’d remember those disposable Kodak cameras that Shoppers Drug Mart used to sell. Every weekend I’d get one of those, take some snaps of my ladies and me out in our best-dressed 90’s attire, ham it up for the flash, and make sure to order quadruples so everyone got a copy of our escapades. That flash was the best way to rid those little imperfections of my twenty-something year-old self.

A clever invitation idea from Absolut Vodka for their upcoming party on Thursday, September 9. The disposable camera is the ticket to get in.

My first digital camera was a little cheapy Kodak (also from Shoppers), I’d take it out on those same kind of nights, but what shocked me when I first uploaded the pictures was being able to zoom in on those images. Oh, the horror! The imperfections! The realisation I had pores!

Quick – someone get me Photoshop!

Then came Facebook – and the mass-de-tagging of unflattering, non-flash photos. When did I get so old?

Thankfully a new skincare product is on the market: Nanoblur.  And it’s a Canadian developed beauty product from Indeed Labs! Go Canada!

At the press release at the Spoke Club, there was so much chatter between the attendees during the live demonstration you could hardly hear Dermatologist Dr. Nowell Solish talking. Projected on a large screen was a digital image of a woman that they had just taken; half of her face with Nanoblur on it, the other without. The difference was noticeable!

How it works:

Nanoblur is a short-term optical coverage cream  that has taken the concept of light reflectors (that has been around for many years) and made the particle sizes much smaller to make the product create a completely invisible blurring filter on the skin. Millions and millions of tiny prisms reflect light so randomly in so many different directions that the naked eye sees only a blurred, perfect surface.  Nanoblur helps you look up to 10 years younger in 40 seconds, all for $19.

Yes – you read that right: $19!!! You can purchase Nanoblur at Rexall Pharmacies across Canada and online.

Does it work? Yes, I do believe it does.

I am going to run out of my tube during TIFF!

Thanks to the awesome ladies at Rock-it Promotions for the invite and for making me look 23 again! XO

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2 Comments on Photoshop in a Tube?

  1. Thanks for letting us know where to get it – when I read about it before, no one was quite sure. Definitely going to be a hot product!

  2. Okay, I want I want I want I want! lol

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