Mark’s Drops the Work and the Wearhouse

Calgary-based retailer Mark’s Work Wearhouse paid a little visit to Toronto’s Intercontinental Hotel recently to showcase its spring/summer 2010 wares to members of the media by creating an experience it dubbed the “Mark’s Over”.

I was invited by the lovely people over at Highroad Communications (thanks Sheryl!) and was treated to an afternoon of styling and dress up with local style and beauty experts (all who are my Twitter buddies!): fashion stylist Afiya Francisco, makeup artist Janine Falcon and hair stylist Greg May – all who are so incredibly sweet! After selecting items from the new collection under simply the “Mark’s” banner, we ended our visit with a mini photo shoot with Rannie Turnigan. Rannie and I took to the streets and had some fun shooting in front of the ROM. (BTW – The cute little sandals I’m wearing are insanely comfortable!)

The chain is moving towards dropping the “Work Wearhouse” from its name after collecting consumer research on the brand. The new look will be tested this summer in its Ottawa, Edmonton and Winnipeg stores. In the gift bag, we received a lovely surprise of a $100 gift certificate, which I used over at my Dufferin Mall Mark’s and scooped up a comfy pair of flip flops and a cute pair of patterned wellies! A lot of the clothing is perfect for everyday office wear and they also carry some outdoorsy items and accessories too. For more information, and to view the new Mark’s, visit

Thank you everyone for making it a surprisingly fun afternoon!

About Gail McInnes (320 Articles)
Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, Gail McInnes has made an indelible mark on the Canadian fashion and entertainment scenes; managing and guiding the careers of some of the country's most notable talents, including Lucian Matis, Hilary MacMillan, Stephen Amell (CW's Arrow), Natalie Brown (The Strain), Brad Goreski (E! Fashion Police), and more. Visit for more information or email

14 Comments on Mark’s Drops the Work and the Wearhouse

  1. Great concept and you look fabulous as always! xo

  2. Thanks Nolan! Too sweet! 🙂

  3. The boyfriend is a very regular customer of Mark’s… he didn’t think much of making it a more fashionable destination! Hope they keep all the heavy canvas pants and steel toe boots in stock, that’s the core of what they’re all about. Some stores don’t need to be chic.

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