Win Passes to LG Fashion Week!

The lovely people at Highroad Communications have given me one pair of General Admission passes to LG Fashion Week courtesy of LG Canada. The passes are good for four days of afternoon shows before 6:00pm starting Monday, March 29th until Thursday, April 1st.  A great way for you and a guest to get a glimpse into what Canadian designers have in store for Fall/Winter 2010!

How to win:

  • Tell me in the comments section who your Canadian fashion hero is and why
  • The most creative and thoughtful response will win
  • Deadline to enter is Monday, March 22, 2010 at 9:00am EST
  • Winner will be selected on Monday, March 22 and will be contacted by email
  • Please note, you must be 19+ to attend and seating is not guaranteed or reserved

Industry and media passes are available for $99 for the week through Ticketweb from the LGFW site. Consumer passes are $475 for the entire week, or $24.99 each show and are available for purchase on Ticketmaster.

See you at Allstream! (Gotta re-teach myself to stop saying “the tents”.)

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Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, Gail McInnes has made an indelible mark on the Canadian fashion and entertainment scenes; managing and guiding the careers of some of the country's most notable talents, including Lucian Matis, Hilary MacMillan, Stephen Amell (CW's Arrow), Natalie Brown (The Strain), Brad Goreski (E! Fashion Police), and more. Visit for more information or email

24 Comments on Win Passes to LG Fashion Week!

  1. Breeyn McCarney!

    her style is a constant inspiration to me and her dresses make me feel gorgeous, fun and flirty. every dress of hers i put on make me feel like i’m a present and i’m wrapped so beautifully.

    can’t wait for the show!

  2. Oops…scratch the first one 🙂

    Andy The-Anh is my favorite Canadian designer! I love his ultra-feminine, glamourous, yet totally wearable aesthetic. I love that he respects a woman’s body by designing clothes that would look good not only on a hanger/a model, but on a woman with some curves. I love the stunning colors he uses in his collections and how he treats each showing as a show, down to the musical performances. He truly is a talent to behold!

  3. My Canadian fashion design hero is my friend Pete Byer. Though the only shows Pete has ever been apart of have been school oriented and small charity evens, his designs are beautiful. He is the type of man that can design for the feminine figure as well as the uber cool male hipster on the go. Pete spends his days creating Cervelo Cycles and his nights creating beautiful, functional simplistic fashions. Pete may not be famous yet, but one day he will be and what better way to get him out there than to take him to LGFW with me.

  4. Jeanne Beker, hands down.

    From as far back as I can remember, I watched Jeanne Beker tuck her tail and chase her sartorial dreams on a low budget CITY-TV produced show, Fashion Television.

    The show was an experimental venture in pop culture with all the right elements: energetic opening soundtrack (one that would become eponymous with FT), cool content, and a host that was warm and earnest enough. to make you believe that a nice Canadian girl could make it in the big, cold glamor of the fashion industry. Even then, it seemed as though she was brushed off by the majority of fashion heads, you know as the silly “Canadian” fashion journalist. However, and this is what I admire about her the most, Jeanne kept stalking the designers, the journalists, the models with her camera and quick quips, and she’s now one of the most recognizable and respected faces in fashion journalism. Simply put, Jeanne is the living, breathing embodiment of thousands of style obsessed girls what to be “when they grow up.” She is an inspiration to anyone chasing their dreams and a pleasure to call Canadian.

    PS. Also, I don’t think that anyone can rock that Smythe Bay Blanket coat as hard as Jeanne did, and during Paris Fashion Week no less.

  5. After years of working on Queen West, I’ve developed a deep and abiding respect for the fashion sense of the Alley Gnome.

    Like David Bowie and Madonna, The Gnome is constantly reinventing himself while remaining true to his vision of a wearable but eccentric aesthetic. Mixing colours and textures with the deft hand of the true artist, he also accessorizes with the brilliant flair most often reserved for a Milan runway.

    Being a genuine original, The Gnome is too often overlooked by the mainstream fashion press. Yet, speaking of one who has spent years working in the heart of trendy Queen West, I can confidently state that The Gnome is an amazing barometer of current trends and the best predictor of upcoming fashions. Should you want to see next year’s hipster, just look at this year’s Gnome.

    Though I may loathe him personally, he’s a true style icon.

  6. Bustle Clothing!

    What I admire most about Bustle is their sense of creative sensibility for men. I love the little surprises built in to each piece – fabulous lining, colored piping around the lapel of a jacket, or a beautiful plaid fabric. In a world where it’s often hard to be fashion forward as a guy, it’s refreshing to see designers who aren’t afraid to take a risk on men’s clothing.

    Let’s not forget about the fashionable fellas out there!

  7. Joe Mimran. He came to Canada with not much else other than a suit case, and built an empire in the Canadian fashion industry. He is the man behind many of Canada’s leading brands. He is raw and realistic with a fashion forward approach. A true inspiration.

  8. I also have to admit that my favorite as mentioned above is Jeanne Beker and the whole FT crew. Even when I didn’t have cable I could still get her on FT on my old black and white TV. She makes every opportunity to mention Canadian fashion wherever in the world she goes. A true Canadian fashion icon and ambassador. If it werent for Media and her style journalism we wouldn’t have as many women and men, girls and boys exposed to the global fashion scene. FT took me to, Paris, Milan, and NYC, when all I had was $5 and a dream to make rent.

    thanks Jeanne!

  9. Why Jeanne Becker Is My Fashion Hero
    I’ve grown up watching Jeanne Becker since I was a young girl, and believe she is fabulous on so many levels. She’s brought the international fashion scene into the homes of Canadians who were interested in all things fashion. As well, her stories have been thoughtful and thought provoking. She not only has covered the runway, but what goes on behind the runway, and elements of fashion that don’t always make it to the runway or wouldn’t have made it to the lay person’s eye.

    She’s worked tirelessly to support the Canadian Fashion scene, and has become an icon in her own right. She’s a TV personality, entrepreneur, author, recipient of numerous awards, editor in chief, pioneer in her field, and to top it off, a trained mime. As I said, fabulous on so many levels, how could I choose anyone else?

  10. My Canadian Fashion hero is Ula Zukowska.

    I have had the pleasure to work with Ula for a year, and I have to say that she has been nothing but an inspiration and has sparked a flame inside of me to continuously push myself to excel in the fashion industry.

    Ula has several times proven herself to be a strong individual who does not believe in giving up. Last season, she suffered a very serious leg injury the 10 days before her Spring/Summer 2010 show. I watched her take charge and not allow the stress of her leg overcome her emotions or her presence.
    Every client that comes into her boutique talks about her as though she is an old friend, even if they have only met once. Her open mind is extremely refreshing and her designs do not follow trends, they follow her own vision which has gained her a loyal following.

    Overall, Ula Zukowska is not only an extremely talented woman, she is a friend to everyone and a true inspiration and guide!

  11. My Canadian fashion icons are Dean and Dan Caten of Dsquared.
    These twins from Toronto (Willowdale to be more exact, which is also my home) found their niche and talents in fashion and moved to Europe. They have designed a successful line that is sold worldwide, but rather than forgetting their roots they embrace Canadian-ness. Most pieces in their collections are emblazoned with a maple leaf, the moose, or some emblem of Canadiana. I respect their work, and recognize the importance of maintaining your heritage, especially in the competitive fashion industry. I always look forward to watching their shows from Milan and seeing how they work Canada into their current season.
    You can take the boys out of Canada, but you can’t take Canada out of these boys.

  12. Am I allowed to enter? Well, I want to anyway because I LOVE going to the shows and I rarely get invited! Why don’t designers invite other designers?

    Anyway, although I’ve already seen his F10 presentation and he’s not part of #lgfw, I HEART PHILIP SPARKS. He has an adorable sense of style which speaks to my interest in maintaining innocence and holding a sentimental value for nostalgia in design. Every season he turns out a cohesively themed collection which runs true to his brand character and youthful, yet sophisticated point of view on fashion. And he invites me to his shows 🙂

    XX (me crossing my fingers for a pass)

  13. Coco Rocha!

    She is a beautiful Canadian SUPER model, with a large presence on the international stage, who always looks great whether she’s on a runway or a mid-town sidewalk.

    She has managed to rise above industry pressure, and has become a spokesperson for causes facing models today. She is a fantastic role model for upcoming models, and designers alike. Her recent movement regarding “fat” models has only strengthened her as a grounded, young professional, whose’ thoughts and opinions are held to a high standard – amongst her peers and critics. If she doesn’t want to be nude or smoke in a campaign, no amount of money or fame will hinder her beliefs.

    The fact that she stands up for what she believes in, and doesn’t let the sometimes overbearing fashion industry dictate her daily life, makes her my fashion hero.

  14. My CANADIAN FASHION HERO is none other than TOMMY TON, photographer of JAK & JIL blog and now’s resident street style photographer.

    I feel that he completely elevated street style photography into an ART FORM, and he changed the game by observing things in a DIFFERENT & UNIQUE way, while at the same time finding a NICHE and directly going after that.

    PLUS he is a CANADIAN travelling all over the world, going toe-to-toe with some of the most INFLUENTIAL and SUCCESSFUL photographers of our time, and he has made a name for himself among them. Now he sits front row at shows like DOLCE & GABBANA, and he has been commissioned by fashion brands to photograph for them.

    I admire him because he did what he LOVED, no matter what, and he became successful. He chased his dream and it paid off. He also has elevated the culture of blogging to something that is respected and observed (followed, no less) by the fashion community.

  15. Mine is Jessica Biffi. Yes, she’s a newcomer, but we we’re from the same hometown and I knew her as a cute lil girl with crazy beautiful curls because she was a playmate of my younger sister. It’s great to see small town girls can kick some high fashion @ss! I’m so proud of all she’s accomplished in such a short time.

  16. My Canadian fashion hero is BRIAN BAILEY.
    He is the most accomplished Canadian fashion designer. He’s been in the fashion business for more than 25 years. He is very inspiring, I have seen him in Project Runway the way he had handled different situations with the designers in the show, and he was always encouraging with all the contestants to do their best during the show.
    He designes really beautiful outfits, very elegant, dresses that every girl would feel like princesses when they wear them.
    He is truly talented!!!

  17. Dave Rusli // March 20, 2010 at 6:33 pm //

    Mine is Clayton Evans of Complex Geometries. Love a cutting-edge designer that turns normal mediocre fabric into something unisex, modern, and refreshing. He has a point of view that is consistent yet evolving from season to season.

  18. My Fashion heroine is my Fashion teacher Mary Duldouras!

    She may not be celebrity-famous but she teaches beginners and intermediates how to translate their creativity into a well-constructed garment. Mary is a Greek-Canadian woman with a no-bullshit – yet extremely loving – personality. This leaves her students begging for more course offerings by hers-truly.

    Mary is always impeccably dressed in her own design (of course), and is up-to-date with the latest and greatest designers and trends. What an inspiration! Although she is extremely professional, Mary’s classes cover a range of conversational topics from where to find the best fabric to who was dressed the worst at the Oscars. Class is always entertaining.

    I cannot fully appreciate Mary in this response, but I must say, that the ones who are essential to the industry are the quality teachers who push their students to harness and professionally channel their creativity!

  19. Breeyn McCarney is at home in Toronto and in the deep dark woods of Northern Saskatchewan. And just like Hard Boiled Wonderland, her first solo show demonstrates, Breeyn can weave a hundred influences into a cohesive whole. Her show inspired in part by Japanese Author Haruki Murakami brings unique fabrics you would expect to find in the bush, colours you’d find in a desert, English whimsy (she trained in London) and the passion of a woman who wears bright red lipstick almost all the time. Breeyn revealed her view of our life on this planet (she’s pretty concerned about it) without a drop of irony or sentimentality. She wore her heart on her sleeve last week and we are all better for it. Canadian Fashion hero: Breeyn McCarney, she stays true to her heart and made her solo show happen on her terms. (PS- with the help of the very able Gail McInnes).

  20. Identical twins Chip and Pepper from Chip & Pepper Denim. These two are hysterical! They started from basically nothing (for real – a pickle factory!!) and have built a denim empire that celebs and hipsters alike love. They know how to merge quality and style in a lifestyle way, whether you live in Toronto or LA. These two Canadian transplants have made denim fun and flirty again – and they show that you can love what you do, love what you wear and love life without being boring and bland.

  21. Nicholas Bernard // March 22, 2010 at 12:42 am //

    My Canadian Fashion hero would have to be Rad Hourani.

    By definition, the word hero refers to a person of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities- and I think Rad unquestionably exemplifies these defining qualified.

    Courageous in the sense of taking the world by storm and turning heads, if not snapping necks, with his undeniable talent and self taught ability- I have nothing but admiration towards his understanding and interpretation of Gender-agnosticism. With a brave and noble conceptual direction, designing all of his work with the specific intention of being unisex- I find the message behind his work to be both and important and prominent topic of social commentary, both in the obvious connotations of fashion but furthermore, the message behind what he is doing transcends principles of design and aesthetics.

    As a young man, beginning what I hope to be an engaging and promising life in the fashion industry, I admire not only his technical and theoretical abilities but find both what he has done and is doing incredibly inspiring- realizing the actuality in a possibility of accomplished achievement and the innovative implementation of important ideas. From his personal involvement in the creative process behind all aspects of his vision (he is the photographer of his own advertising campaign) and the attention paid to the relationship between his clothes being avant-garde and wearable- Rad Hourani has changed my realtionship with fashion, and in turn, my life- Inspiring and reminding me daily to take steps in the direction of becoming my own fashion hero, as I tread closer to my dreams.

    It would be both an honor and my pleasure to receive the pair of General Admission passes to Lg Fashion Week. If I am not so lucky- congratulations to the winner- and I hope your experiences provide you with knowledge, understanding and inspiration.

  22. My Canadian fashion hero is Daniel Lalonde, President and CEO of Louis Vuitton, North America. Though my initial reaction to this question was someone much more “in the spotlight”, I decided that Daniela Lalonde better personifies the ideals that I respect and find, are too often forgotten in the fashion industry. Perhaps part of my loyalty lies in the fact that he is also a fellow University of Waterloo Graduate, like myself, but I believe that Mr. Lalonde’s role in helping Canadians make a name for themselves in the extremely fast paced and hard hitting fashion industry is most inspiration and relevant to me.

    I had the privilege of attending a Louis Vuitton sponsored event where Mr. Lalonde spoke to UW Graduates at the AGO back in October 2009, during the last edition of TFW. I myself, am a student, in the midst of completing a masters of Architecture; my thesis is based on the relationship of the fashion and architecture, and on finding a means of co-relating the two, already tightly knit industries to generate a better urban experience for Torontonians, both in their built environment, as well as how they feel about and express themselves and express on a daily basis, starting from their closet, every morning. Mr. Lalonde’s words proved that regardless of what one’s degree, that a passion and love for something, seemingly unrelated, can lead to a full, and successful career in something (perhaps a little unexpected,) that we love. He spoke of his experiences traveling and learning the ropes of this extremely demanding industry, and most importantly, he expressed his enthusiasm for his work, for the industry and encouraged everyone to pursue everything they want, regardless of external expectations.

    I still remember the day when my Grandma showed me my first Louis Vuitton purse, and how excited I was when she let me wear it around the house. I love my profession and would not trade it for the world, yet my passion for fashion is something I refuse to give up. I believe that fashion is something that can make a difference, just as I believe the built environment is something that effects us even if we don’t realize. Mr. Lalonde spoke of the advances that Toronto has made over the recent years towards building a city that is conscious of the arts and of design; the AGO is but one tiny example of our successes.

    Daniela Lalonde is truly inspiration in my eyes, as someone who did something a little unexpected, and has become hugely successful and recognized for it. He has helped put Canada on the map in terms of the international fashion industry and I hope that he will continue to encourage other Canadians to appreciate the value that the fashion industry has on our city and to follow our dreams… while dressed to the T, of course.

  23. My fashion hero would be Philip Sparks. One of the first rules of fashion is that no matter what (or who) you’re wearing it won’t look good unless it fits. Philip’s dedication to a tailored, well-constructed, sartorial style is an homage to the days before fast fashion but his clothes still have an unbelievable contemporary appeal (a hard line to walk). His thematic collections are always exciting and his shows capture the imagination of bloggers and journalists alike. Furthermore, Philip is the physical embodiment of his brand. Seeing him in the press or at events, he is always dressed in the same aesthetic which he creates for the public which I think speaks volumes to his true passion for the style he sells.

    One thing Philip has also shown above and beyond most designers in Canada is an incredible business acumen. His quick adoption of new media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and his webstore (which is almost unheard of for a Canadian fashion designer) has made him accessible without diluting the perceived quality of his brand. While I am a female and would describe my style as ultra-girly, I know where is clothes are available and regularly covet items from his collection (maybe you have to know me, but this is epic!). And who can forget the photo of Agynes Deyn in Philip Sparks? Both men and women talk about what he is doing with the same fervor and that is a truly unique trait in any fashion community.

    To summarize, Philip Sparks isn’t just a line of clothes, it’s a person, it’s a businessman, it’s a refined aesthetic, it’s a brand with true creative force, and someone I greatly admire in Canadian fashion.

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