Fresh Face: Frances Coombe

While casting for Breeyn McCarney‘s upcoming fashion show, I received a call from agent Matti Gidilevich of Elite Models telling me about a girl who I am going to fall in love with. I love Matti – he’s one of  my favourite agents in the city so I trust him when he tells me to keep my eye out for a girl. No sooner had I hung up on him when a tall, wide-eyed beauty walked in the door: Frances Coombe. This was the girl! Both Breeyn and I instantly feel in love with her and immediately cast her in the show. She’s a rare mix of good humour, confidence and natural beauty – exactly what a great model needs to possess. Having only been modelling for six months, I wanted to know more about this gorgeous girl so I sent Matti a few questions for Frances and she was kind enough to answer them for Fashion Magnet.

On her favourite Canadian designers

“I’d have to say my favourite Canadian designer is Nada Shepherd for NADA.  I think her designs are stunning, edgy, but soft and feminine at the same time. I have had the chance to work with her for her latest look book and she is as stunning as her clothes, and the kindest woman.”

On her dream job

“My dream job is something that people may say is impossible, but I like to think that with tons of hard work I could one day make it onto the cover of Vogue (an editorial would be nice too). I like to think of it as an ultimate goal, I may not make it there but it will give me drive to do the best I can in my modeling career.”

On her agents at Elite Models

“They are the best team and I am so grateful for all of the work they have given me, as well as the advice and knowledge of the modelling and fashion world. (Shout out to Allison and Matti!!)”

On her fashion icons

“One of my fashion icons is Lily Allen.  If Karl Lagerfeld chose her to wear his designs that’s saying something.  Even before she was the face of Chanel, in her less famous days, I always liked her comfortable but daring outfits.”

On a life without modelling

“If I wasn’t modeling right now I would be in high school (just like I am now) probably working at Valu-Mart!!!”

On the photographers

“Right now I have an upcoming shoot for a beauty editorial in FASHION Magazine, shooting with Gabor Jurina, one of my favourite photographers I’ve worked with so far. I wouldn’t say I have only one favourite photographer.  Everyone I have worked with has their own unique way of doing things which I like.  Ivan Otis, Christopher Wadsworth, Genevieve Caron, Adam Levett, Lily and Lilac, and Renata Kaveh are a few photographers that I’ve worked with this far.”

On her future modelling career

“I try not to plan ahead too much in my career, I like to take one day at a time.  Since I am new to this industry I don’t want to jump ahead but take things in stride as they come!”

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  1. Kim Atwill-Bradbury // May 10, 2010 at 4:50 am //

    A big congratulations! Saw your mom a couple of weeks ago and she told me all about you and Sean and Annie. You are all doing great! What a fun time in your life.

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